BPI is an IT services company specializing in Business Management Systems and Support. This includes:

●        Remote Desktop and VPN systems setup

          ○        Work from home or the Bahamas, we have been setting up secure remote access for our clients since 1997!

●        Business Vision

          ○        A Sage Business Management System that includes accounting, CRM and more

●        Other Sage Products

          ○        Such as Timberline, etc.

●        Network configuration and maintenance

●        Computers

          ○        Custom computers with the RAM, and solid state storage capacity to handle high end CAD for our architecture clients to fast, streamlined mini computers that fit in the palm of your hand

●        Computer Systems Setup – from surface Datapads to multiple processor servers with multiple levels of secure backup

          ○        We configure your computer so you do not have to – especially removing the adware that can be so annoying and insidious

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